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Organic Mapelwood teether


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Non toxic

From mother

earth to your child

Teething, Teethers and Lil’toothsy 

Teething is one of the most painful and stressful experiences for both the child and mother. During teething the newly formed teeth start putting immense pressure on the baby’s gums to erupt and hence everything the baby Lay’s hand on, goes in their mouth.

The child also experiences excessive drooling which can cause rashes on the face below the chin along the swollen gums, resulting in loss of appetite and sleepless nights. 

Choose a Natural and Safe Product

From Cars and Keys to Bracelets and Necklaces, we’ve got it all.

Wooden Teethers

Wooden Rattles

Wooden Toys

Best replacement for plastic Teethers 

Why Pick Lil’toothsy?

Teething is an essential part of child development. It starts as early as 2 months and goes up to 30 months. Thus choosing a safe and natural product that goes into your baby’s mouth should be your preference.

Our handcrafted natural wooden rattles, toys, creative necklaces and bracelets for those beautiful mom’s are all

Safe to chew


Eco friendly 

Non toxic

100% chemical free

EN-71(P3) A1 (2014) Approved Standardization 

Liltoothsy’s Story

Lil’toothsy was born purely out of the need for a mother to provide the best to her child, Dr Sahiba kept sourcing organic wooden teethers from across the globe and later decided to use her expertise as a dentist to fill this vacuum in the Indian industry by founding Lil’toothsy. 

Lil’ttothsy was formed with the promise to maintain international standards and to provide unparallel customer satisfaction.

After trying different kinds of wood for the same purpose and numerous quality testing by a German lab Tuv NORD, over a year from different states of India the doctor decided to use Organic Maple wood for her LIL’TOOTHSY.

Why Maplewood?


Maplewood is antibacterial,

that means does not let bacteria grow on it. 




Maplewood is a tough hypoallergenic wood,

relieving babies from aching gums because of

the pressure of tooth eruption.


Maple wood doesn’t chip or splinter with wear and tear.



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